In addition to our update, this release includes:


  • Reference Email saved on disk for additional integration options.
  • Custom Plugins distribution improvements.
  • More malware.


  • Backblaze plugin no longer reports on missing /.bzvol folder.
  • Group prompt when deploying Watchman Monitoring via MDM install package is no longer presented.

How to get this update

If you’d like this update applied to your account now and not wait for our auto rebuild process, visit your installers page, click the publish button. All computers set to automatically install new versions will get the latest update installed on the next check in.

Updated Betas

The beta of Retrospect Client for Mac is available. All subscribers who have requested access will have the beta automatically deployed to their monitored computers.

You can request the beta here.

Keep an eye on our Community Forum for news of incremental changes, and we will keep emailing major release notes.

Known Issues

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