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2 Monitoring and Management
Qty Total
Monitored Computers
Active monitoring for impending failure for each computer with Watchman Monitoring.
Family Pack
Monitoring for a household's computers.
Managed Computers
Active monitoring for pending failures, as well as system & application patch management.
Managed Mac Servers
Active monitoring, maintenance updates & manual verification of backup systems.
Managed Windows Servers
Active monitoring, maintenance updates, verification of backup systems and antivirus.
3 Support
Personal Support Users
The total number of people who will be contacting MyCompany, Inc. for technical support.
Premier Support Users
(Per Person, 5 User minimum)
All needed email, phone, and remote support
Monthly Prepaid Hours
(2 hours per month minimum)
1/3 off our stock hourly rate
Monthly Total

If you would prefer to pay annually,
we offer a 10% convenience discount.
Annual Total