I just started with a new client, a busy photographer with a Mac Pro and a MacBook Pro. She was the first client I installed Watchman Monitoring for, and about 4 or 5 days afterward I saw a notification that her laptop was expanding I/O errors, which told me that the hard drive may be failing. It turns out that she had a job thrilling week photographing a multi-day conference, and providing on the spot prints. If her MacBook Pro had failed, it could have cost her thousands of dollars for that job, and a great client could have been lost forever. I got her a new drive, transferred data and had it back to her the day before the shoot. Needless to say, this photographer loves me now, and sings my praises to other Mac users.

Another way Watchman Monitoring makes me look good is when I’ve been able to let a client know they have downloaded malware or adware, and remove it before it is a problem for clients. They love the proactive approach, and in the past 6 months have been able to do this for dozens of clients. Some several times… Watchman Monitoring can’t help the client behavior, unfortunately, but can minimize the consequences at least.

Charles Lindauer
Lindauer Mac Consulting
Rohnert Park, California

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