This from a subscriber in Columbus, Ohio:

Recently, we were approached by a new client to come out and look at their Mac Mini Server. File sharing connections were flaky and calendar sharing wasn’t working. On first examination, the Finder was just not stable. Ultimately, I was able to look at the logs and found a steady stream of “I/O Error: Disk1s2” messages. After replacing the faulty drive the Finder was a lot more stable; stable enough to let me see that Time Machine hadn’t backed up the server in over SIX WEEKS. But when I went to Disk Utility to format the new drive, I discovered that the primary hard drive was showing “SMART Status: Failed”.  Fortunately, I was able to copy all of the shared data off of the (other) failing drive before replacing it. A fresh OSX Server install and setup later, the client had a stable server running on two brand new (mirrored) drives which back up consistently. It’s only through an amazing stroke of luck that this client didn’t lose any data.

I HATE leaving my clients’ data to chance – which is why they’re now running Watchman Monitoring on all of their machines. Watchman would have caught all of these failures and allowed my client to respond in a proactive manner – before his data was left hanging by a thread.

As a service provider, Watchman Monitoring is an incredibly valuable tool which allows me to deliver the superior level of service my clients expect. A level of service which differentiates us from our competitors. Thank you Watchman!!!

Mike Castaldi
Wild Frog Consulting
Columbus, OH

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