• Shill installers now have smaller branded installers for group builds.


  • Control Panel now uses the branded name for the window title.
  • Plugins that normally warn about issues that have occurred since the last time the service reported will no longer report about issues from a week back on the first report
  • Users plugin will always report on Administrator user information, will no longer report on network users, and will not report on users that have never logged in.
  • Windows Update will skip reporting if the Automatic Update Controller or Windows Automatic Updater is disabled

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed AVG plugin not reporting the correct scan time for “boot-time” scans
  • Fixed Contact Menu sometimes not showing when connecting through RDP
  • Fixed certain Contact Menu links not opening correctly
  • Fixed the Kernel Panic plugin reporting more often than expected

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  • Installers will be built throughout the day on Oct 21, 2020. The auto-update process will begin October 22nd and apply to computers as they perform their hourly checkin.
  • Not receiving updates? How to handle out-of-date agents.
  • An updated list of known issues.

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