• Support for CrashPlan 8.2
  • Additional Malware from user submissions (thanks Eric!)


  • Updates to support compatibility with upcoming macOS versions

How to get this update

To apply this update to your account now and not wait for our auto rebuild process, visit your installers page, and click the publish button. All computers set to automatically install new versions will install the latest update upon next check in.

About Existing Installers

Watchman Monitoring regularly updates installers, and recommends that older installers are replaced.

This is typically not a requirement, as agents will auto-update even if an old installation package is used. Installers published before June 2020 are slated to expire June 10th, and will need to be replaced.

What to do I need to do?

Please visit your Installers page and re-download your installers.

If you are using Group-Specific installers, they can be downloaded from each Group’s page as needed.


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