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We would not be as successful as we are today if it wasn’t for Watchman Monitoring: it’s part of our sales pitch; it’s the first thing we install and is the linchpin of our IT Consulting offerings.

Jason Ross, TSP IT Services

Our customers have purchased prestige-level equipment and often spend more per month on iTunes than we charge to keep them up and running.

Jeremy Pihl, Boom Consulting

This is the kind of product that really ties my customers to me and builds customer loyalty.

Mike Strum, OIC Tech Solutions

We went from reactive break-fix work to proactive, scheduled, maintenance calls. This ensured maximum uptime and increased peace of mind for our customers. They couldn't be happier!

Allen Hancock, Mac Consulting Group

You could be onsite with your clients everyday and still miss something that Watchman Monitoring will pick up on. For the backup monitoring alone, it’s worth the price.

Justin Esgar, Virtua Computers

After installing it on my household machines, I was alerted to the fact that my wife's MacBook Pro warranty was due to expire in two months and I hadn't registered my AppleCare warranty. You guys already saved my bacon...

Axel Graff, Mercurius

Watchman Monitoring has made us look like superstars to our clients as it identified some issues we would not have been notified about otherwise.

John Pawelchak, Cohort Networks Inc.

We usually know if there's something wrong before the client does! The tools are constantly evolving and we're evolving to take advantage of what Watchman offers us.

Bill Hagara, Filemaker Consultant

A great product and service that always takes a 'whatever it takes to help' approach. I can't say enough good things about Watchman.

Mike Castaldi, Wild Frog Consulting

I'm in a trial of Watchman Monitoring right now and I love it. Twice I found issues I didn't know about during the initial check-in!

Mark Norman, Big Man Consulting Co

We use this to track all of our clients' computers. It notifies us of impending failures and so many other issues that it's a no brainer.

Ryan Grimes, HoosierMac Consulting

Not only is my job easier with Watchman Monitoring, but it makes me look more professional when they call and I can immediately pull up their computer details.

Kevin Ginger, kGinger Consulting LLC

Foojee could not deliver our level of service without Watchman Monitoring. No other solution gives our clients this much value, costing so little, and is this easy to manage.

Lucas Acosta, Foojee

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