About Watchman Monitoring

With built-in detection of over 150 issues, subscribers are empowered to take direct, preemptive, action to cure problems prior to any data loss or unplanned downtime. We are firmly committed to providing our subscribers with the best tools to support end users.

The team at Watchman Monitoring is made up of support technicians and consultants with decades of troubleshooting and repair experience. We truly understand the importance of staying on top of issues and how valuable proactive support capability can be. Not only does it build end user confidence but rewards subscribers with an extremely loyal customer base.

The Watchman Monitoring Service

Watchman Monitoring is a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering which monitors the health of Mac, Linux, and Windows computers. Our monitoring system provides hourly reports on health issues such as disk I/O errors, backup functionality, and RAID status. Watchman Monitoring consists of two primary components:

Monitoring Agent

The monitoring agent is installed using one of several quick and convenient methods. Once installed, the agent runs hourly and reports its findings to the Watchman Monitoring Server.

Monitoring Server

The Watchman Monitoring Server collects reports from monitored machines and notifies subscribers as issues are detected. The server dashboard gives a subscriber at-a-glance status of all monitored computers, access to powerful search, inventory and demographic information.

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