Who is behind Watchman Monitoring?

Our product is designed and built by IT professionals who have dedicated themselves to create a low-cost, easy to manage solution which saves end-users’ data. We work every day to improve the design and functionality of our product. We believe in enabling our subscribers to provide Proactive Support to their end users.


Allen Hancock

Founder, Support, Development

As the founder of Watchman Monitoring, Inc., I manage our great team of developers to constantly improve our Software as a Service product. I believe that Proactive Support is something every IT professional can, and should provide - from the one-consultant-army to the largest MSP, and from education to corporate computing.

Blake Prudhomme

Code Wrangler

My focus at Watchman Monitoring is to write clean, efficient code while constantly learning new technologies in order to produce creative, cutting-edge work. When I’m not building stuff, you can find me hanging out with my wife and three sons who bring the joy and inspiration to my life.

Christian Woodward

DevOps & Windows Development

Currently, I'm leading Watchman Monitoring's expansion onto the Windows platform. With a background in administration, development, and security, I strive to create, deliver, and support software that's both functional and robust. When I'm not developing, I'm diligently maintaining the longest beard on the team.

Dan Monge

Subscriber Ombudsman

Proud father of two great sons. I'm fortunate enough to be married to a smart, wonderful woman I've known since high school. Some of my other passions (besides my family and all things Apple) are; playing/coaching ice hockey, reading, spending quality time with my family, and helping solve tech issues for awesome clients.

David Link

UI Design/Development

I'm in charge of the user interface for Watchman Monitoring. I make sure that your experience is as smooth and simple as it can be, and like to keep things fresh.

Gary Bourgeois

Mac/Linux Development

Here from the beginning as a training engineer, it was soon apparent that his skills were needed, in a hands-on fashion, in the battlefield. Gary is responsible for the stable operation of the Mac and Linux clients, as well as overseeing the many plugins which set Watchman Monitoring apart.

Matt Jourdan

Subscriber Support

I come from the world of audio/video and automation, and I am looking forward to working with Watchman Monitoring’s subscribers. By day I strive to give our subscribers the best support possible, and I am a student by night. I enjoy working with the team here, but most of all enjoy competing with Christian for the longest beard title.

JD Strong

Support, Process Wizard

From a one-man consultancy to an Apple Authorized Reseller and Service Provider, doing more with less is always the goal. Documentation is my tool. I’m fueled by coffee, a plant-strong diet, golf, books, beer & a thirst for knowledge.

Vikrant Chaudhary

Integrations and Magic

I solve problems and bring new integrations for the benefit of our subscribers. Also, tacos are life.

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