Watchman Monitoring partners with other industry leading tools that comprise IT provider’s toolkits. Here are a few of our integrations:





The combination of Watchman Monitoring & Addigy will help you take complete control and scale your service operations. A strong partnership allows joint subscribers  easy navigation between the two Dashboards.


This integration automatically create tickets related to your Autotask companies. Optionally Create or Sync your Watchman Monitoring Computer Records to Autotask Configurations.



Our Bomgar integration enables one-click access to a monitored computer directly from the Dashboard and warning notifications.


With our integration into ConnectWise, warnings become tickets in your ConnectWise account and Groups can be mapped to ConnectWise Companies for asset tracking.

ConnectWise Control

ConnectWise Control provides both unattended and on-demand remote access. Watchman Monitoring can detect unattended “Access” installation and generates “direct access links”to be displayed on Computer Records and included in warning notifications.

FileMaker Server 11-14

FileMaker Server

Watchman Monitoring’s FileMaker Server monitoring allows IT Professionals to be notified of issues with their FileMaker Servers without having to worry about local SMTP configuration, including notices about the computer’s overall health.



Quickly know the status of every computer in your FileWave managed fleet. Give your end users easy access to their self-service kiosk using Watchman Monitoring’s contact menu.



Hudu is IT documentation software to organize and enhance your IT environments. How to install. 

IT Glue

Securely organize all your passwords, customer contacts, notes, files, and more, by computer with our IT Glue integration.


Jamf PRO

This two-way integration provides Jamf Pro (formerly JAMF Casper Suite) with a monitored computer’s current health summary and allows you to remotely deploy the monitoring agent to all your computers in minutes.

Kandji MDM Logo


You’ve chosen Apple and we’ve designed a device management experience to match. Setup, visibility, and the largest library of pre-built controls – Kandji makes device management beautifully simple and insanely powerful – just the way it should be.




Liongard brings visibility across cloud, network and on-prem systems which can automate subject matter expertise by seeing what has changed and troubleshooting issues. Instructions.


One-click Upgrade Info

Easily lookup and purchase upgrades for your computers with a single click thanks to our integration with Other World Computing.


The RepairShopr integration maps your Watchman Monitoring Groups and alerts into RepairShopr Customers and Tickets, allowing you to get more done in fewer steps.




With our TeamViewer integration, the TeamViewer ID for each monitored computer so you can have easy remote access to the computers you manage. The TeamViewer ID is available via any problem reports and displayed in the monitoring server interface.

Your Computer Inventory Logo

Your Computer Inventory

Clients constantly want to know what equipment they own at a moments glance. Easily share your Watchman Monitoring inventory with your clients with Your Computer Inventory.



The modern IT team needs an IT service desk that is flexible, lean, and social. Zendesk provides simpler tools for better support. Our trouble ticket integration with Zendesk allows you to stay focused on customer satisfaction while we keep an eye out for trouble with their computers.

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