• New command line tooling options via “RunClient”
    • Plugins can be enabled using –enable/–disable
    • Plugins can be enumerated via –list-plugins
  • Improved support and reporting on battery service
  • Logs if Flash is present on any given Mac via a dedicated plugin result
  • Adds additional tech specs such as iBridge


  • Issues with the PreferencePane’s visibility in Dark mode are prevented, full support will be added in a later update
  • Improved handling of unreadable plist files
  • Uses a dedicated key in each plugin to control its enablement. This replaces a “PluginsDisabled” array.
    • Backwards compatibility is provided via support for disabling any plugin added to this array; however, the array will be emptied on each agent’s run.
    • Subscribers who manage plugins in custom scripts should read more in this article.
    • https://www.watchmanmonitoring.com/terminal-commands


  • Increased accuracy in FileWave version reporting where server’s FileWave model has not changed
  • Administrative permissions are no longer needed to submit logs for review
  • Corrects additional permissions issues.


  • Automatic deploy release on Wednesday, 21 April 2021, visit your Installers Page to initiate early release.
  • The auto-update process will apply to computers as they perform their hourly check in.
  • Not receiving updates across your install base? How to handle out-of-date agents.
  • These are known issues.


Please note: Older installers may not work with M1-based computers. Learn more about old installer versions.

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