2016 In Review

2016 has been quite a year here at Watchman Monitoring. Our team has been hard at work to bring you new integrations, plugins, and improve our service. Here is a list of additions, improvements and updates we’ve added this year:


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Client Software

  • Asset ID
    • The Asset ID is saved to disk on the Monitored Computer
  • Backblaze
    • Notes when certain file types are excluded from Backblaze backups (dmg, iso, sparseimage, zip)
  • Carbon Copy Cloner
    • Support for Chained Backups
    • Validates all schedules, and added support for chained backups.
  • CrashPlan
    • version added to plugin output
    • Automatically tracks CrashPlan Expirations for Home (Green) and Business (Blue)
  • Daylite
    • Added support for Daylight 6
  • False Mounts
  • FileMaker Server
    • support for FileMaker Server v11-15
  • FileVault
    • Reports when FileVault cannot complete encryption in over 48 hours (and when decryptions start)
  • Filewave
    • provides end users one-click access to the FileWave Self Service Kiosk
    • alerts FileWave administrators if a computer can’t update its model within 7 days (by default).
  • Hard drive reporting
    • hard drive model number included in reports
  • Kerio
    • Adds support for distinct XMPP storage path in Kerio Connect
  • MacOS Sierra
    • Added compatibility
  • Malware definitions updated, and updated, and updated.
  • Maximum supported MacOS reporting
    • For MacOS computers
  • SMART improvements
    • SMART reports warn as counts increase, but only notify if under 10 warning
    • ECC measuring
    • Serial and model numbers of failing drives are included in SMART Reports
  • TeamViewer
    • TeamViewer 11
    • TeamViewer 12


  • Addigy Integration
    Detects the agent and creates links to its listing in the Addigy Dashboard

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