Watchman Monitoring’s Beacon Reporting can report within minutes if key computers are unavailable.

Beacon has your computer send a unique proof of life every minute allowing us to notify you when your critical computers are not available.

Traditional uptime monitors either ping from the outside or maintain a static connection as a means of uptime reporting. Our sophisticated process has the computer complete a task and report its findings to be considered available.

Beacon can be combined with traditional ping based uptime reporters to help quickly determine if there is a single server issue or a larger connectivity problem.

A computer is offline for more than two minutes.

The Beacon Reporting process also compares the boot volume’s unique identifier. This feature alerts you if a server restarts using a bootable clone – an event that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Beacon Reporting is a part of our full featured 30-day trial and is included in accounts above our Getting Started plan.

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