A Bomgar Remote Support Appliance provides an unparalleled remote support experience.

Watchman Monitoring provides unparalleled monitoring and allows you to be the first to know about issues.

Watchman Monitoring provides no remote access to any monitored computer, but we enable zero-configuration access to a Subscriber’s monitored computers by automatically including a link to all pinned computers in warning emails.

We were happy to find that Bomgar’s philosophy of client protection and security aligns perfectly with ours.

From Bomgar’s strict default access settings, to the ability to leave a flag behind after remote support sessions, we find the combination of Watchman Monitoring and a Bomgar Remote Support Appliance to go together like peanut butter and jelly.

When you, too, grow tired of piecemeal support for your clientele and are ready to move up to a Bomgar support device, our integration makes the decision that much easier.

Details on the integration can be found in the Watchman Monitoring Support Center.


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