Jeremy Pihl of Boom Consulting in Central Florida really loves what he does – and he does it well. As one of the most highly certified Apple consultants in the State, Jeremy knows how to handle virtually any problem that his customers can throw at him. This has made him one of the state’s most sought after Apple consultants and also one of the busiest. “It got to the point where I was putting in 80 hours a week, running around like a madman, putting fires out left and right,” Jeremy said.

With work consuming almost every spare minute of his time and family obligations mounting, something had to give. He needed to find a way to reduce his time commitment while continuing to provide his customers with exceptional service. Boom Consulting began to experiment with the idea of proactive support with the hope of catching problems before they became emergencies. “I needed a finger on the pulse of my customers’ Macs,” Jeremy thought.

He searched around, but only found products that were designed for Windows administrators, with Mac support added seemingly as an afterthought. Jeremy finally came across Watchman Monitoring and “immediately fell in love. Being Mac-centric, it was exactly what we needed.” Boom Consulting opted for the custom branding option to fully personalize the service and really make it their own. “The fact that Watchman Monitoring is a white label product is huge.”

With Watchman Monitoring as the cornerstone, Boom Consulting had everything in place to pitch new support plans to their customers. For a monthly fee of $250, $500, or $800, Boom Consulting would provide 24/7 system monitoring and include 1, 3, or 6 hours of maintenance, respectively, for up to 10 Macs. Making the case for proactive support was easy. “Our customers have purchased prestige-level equipment and often spend more per month on iTunes than we charge to keep them up and running,” said Jeremy.

Customers responded very well. Boom Consulting currently brings in over $5,000/month in recurring revenue from their support plans. Jeremy now has his life back and handles his business in a fraction of the time. His family is happy. His customers are happy. His business is healthy.

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