It has been a busy year. Here is a quick update of changes you may have seen or missed in your Watchman Monitoring Dashboard:


  • Dark theme is now available from your company settings page.
  • Locked column and headers makes scrolling long pages easier.
  • Computer record counts are tallied at the bottom of Group and Computer Record views.
  • Plugin search results are tallied at the bottom of the plugin results page.
  • Beacon Reporting can be managed for multiple computers via Bulk Actions.
  • Custom plugins can now display Integration links on the dashboard. Contact support for more information.
  • It is easier to purge stale integration links, useful when third party management tools are no longer in use.


  • Autotask and ConnectWise users now have the option to disable action required notifications.
  • When merging Groups, conflicting Reference Email will be added to a group note.
  • The Copy Specs button includes Asset ID (as defined in each Computer Record’s Edit tab).
  • Test Zendesk Integration was changed to Reset Zendesk Integration under the Action menu.
  • The Product Description can be edited in the Computer Record’s Edit tab.
  • The Save button has been moved to the top of each page in the Dashboard.


  • PDF pages display on mobile devices.
  • The ScreenConnect integration has been renamed to ConnectWise Control.
  • Omni-search box will display all related Groups when selecting View All.
  • Employees can see all pending ConnectWise and Autotask tickets for Groups they can access.

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