We had the pleasure of sitting down with Lucas Acosta, lead of one of our long-time subscribers, Foojee Inc, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Foojee has a penchant for delighting customers with their great attitudes as they work with their users. Additionally, Foojee excels at bringing great, easy to understand support to their customers through videos posted to their site. We spoke about the backstory for their Foojee FAST video, which showcases their adoption of Watchman Monitoring as a core part of their service offering, and how Watchman Monitoring has helped grow their business.

Shortly after subscribing to Watchman Monitoring, Foojee saw that Watchman Monitoring’s  non-invasive issue detection software would be just the thing to give them an edge. Foojee uses Watchman Monitoring’s Custom Branding because it allows their clients another way to build a relationship with Foojee’s brand, rather than with a third-party service., and their contact information is always close at hand with Watchman Monitoring’s Contact Menu. Foojee  worked their creative magic, and Foojee FAST was born. Foojee FAST lends credibility and builds legitimacy to their new means of delivering outstanding customer care.

“We love it” Lucas continued, “We deploy Foojee FAST on every computer we work on. Within 2 months, we realized that Watchman Monitoring  gives us 15 actionable opportunities to contact our clients each week.” Sometimes the issue is resolved with a simple call, but so often we’ll get the “While you’re at it…” questions.. Foojee was already accustomed to hearing positive feedback from their customers, but Foojee FAST increased the [CSAT] scores  because customers  see and hear from Foojee on a regular basis.


Introducing Foojee FAST.

Watchman Monitoring helps Foojee achieve their goal of “carrying the IT football” for their clients. Leveraging our Proactive Support Platform allows their customers to focus on things other than technology, and Foojee’s support agreements have since increased. Half of their revenue now comes from their support agreements.

“Foojee could not deliver our level of service without Watchman Monitoring. No other solution gives our clients this much value, costing so little, and is this easy to manage.”

If you’re in need of top-notch onsite Apple support in the Atlanta or Nashville areas, give Lucas Acosta at Foojee a call at (770) 650-5890, or learn about his team on the web at www.foojee.com.

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