• This form will not grant you GSX Access.

    The deadline is nearing for AASP and GSX Self-Servicing accounts to create the needed SSL certificates for continued access in tools such as Casper's JSS, LightSpeed On-Site, and Watchman Monitoring.

    By filling out the following form, you are providing us the information needed to allow you to create a proper SSL Certificate Request.

    This form will email you the commands you enter into Terminal.app on a typical Mac OS installation.

    You will use the steps on your computer in order to generate the needed private key and certificate request to comply with upcoming Apple's GSX requirements.

  • Headquater's city will do nicely.
  • No abbreviations, please
  • US for United States, etc.
  • Apple requires the Sold-to to be entered as a 10 character string.
    Use leading 0s as needed. eg "0000123456"

  • Forward the resulting email to the GSX Admin in your company. The form on this page is designed to help you gather the needed information. If you are not in charge of your GSX Account, please forward the email we send to appropriate person in your organization.

    Save your key file! The key file which you'll generate is important, and should be treated as a password. You'll use this key, along with the certificate from AppleCare, in the tools which access GSX on your behalf.

    Only One Cert per Sold-To: The SSL Certificate which Apple returns will be the only one issued to your Sold-To, and can be used in any GSX API integration.


What’s going to happen to my information?

By using this form, we are able to guide you to just the right information needed to create the SSL Certificate Request (CSR) which AppleCare requires. Two emails will be sent, one with detailed instructions suitable for the person in your organization most responsible for GSX Administration (only one certificate per sold-to can be created, so let that person do the creation). The second email will be a thank you email with a bit of information about Watchman Monitoring. The contents of the GSX related data will be purged within 30 days.


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