Subscriber Profile: TSP IT Services

We had the pleasure to Zoom with Jason Ross, a senior engineer at TSP IT Services and Watchman Monitoring subscriber since 2013. This Boston-based MSP specializes in high-end automation and offers proactive managed services to mid-to-large businesses ranging from a 4-person law firm to a 400-person software development company.

IT Consulting in Boston.


“There is no client too small; we put Watchman Monitoring on every device.”

Watchman Monitoring’s detailed reporting gives us the most insights into our client’s IT stack; it offers a roadmap with routine audits to mitigate risks, identify’s potential business process problems, and analyze gaps in or maintain best practices. We like to tell clients, “we know there is a problem on your machine even before you do.” Watchman Monitoring is our single source of truth; it helps keep our clients compliant, end-users honest, and provides a clear upgrade path in a client’s IT lifecycle. 

  • Our clients in industries requiring heavy data protection often prohibit personal device use for company content policies. One way we found to unobtrusively monitor employees’ adherence to these policies was by running a monthly “missing computers” report to identify irregularities.
  • An architecture firm needed to know which machines required more RAM. Most employees jumped at the chance for a beefier machine, but a quick OS-level and hard drive CSV export showed that only a handful of machines needed an upgrade.
  • IT consulting is a destination, not a journey. With Watchman Monitoring’s very detailed reporting we can walk clients through their IT roadmap lifecycle management: their software stack, backups, date ranges of machines, if they are compliant — you name it.

Watchman Monitoring as a Partner

We would not be as successful as we are today if it wasn’t for Watchman Monitoring: it’s part of our sales pitch; it’s the first thing we install and is the linchpin of our IT Consulting offerings.

The fact that they listen to their community makes Watchman Monitoring a partner, not just a vendor. We know they give serious thought to each feature request because we’ve seen our own contributions in the release notes. Direct support is only a message away.

ConnectWise integration is a Lifesaver

After we implemented Watchman Monitoring’s ConnectWise integration our support technician was about to save countless hours previously spent managing tickets.

Watchman Monitoring’s ConnectWise integration allows us to better manage the flow of tickets and applies status tags to maximize efficiency. The time saved allows us to focus on bigger projects to improve our client’s infrastructure!



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