As a seasoned Apple Consultant with over 20 years experience working with Apple technology, Kevin Ginger knows his stuff. Kevin started kGinger Consulting 10 years ago to serve the needs of Apple users in the Portland Metro Area. Judging by the solid 5-star customer reviews on Apple’s website, his customers couldn’t be happier.

Kevin, however, was not satisfied with his break/fix business model. He’s always looking for ways to improve how he does business and increase customer satisfaction. When he came across Watchman Monitoring he was impressed by what he saw. “The other products didn’t have the depth of Apple reporting I really needed,” says Kevin. “As a subscriber, I found I had the Watchman Monitoring support team and community forum to back me up.”

While Watchman Monitoring’s service is unsurpassed in its Apple support, it only works once installed on a computer. To that end, kGinger Consulting has a unique tactic. “Whether you charge a nominal monthly fee per computer or give it away, the tricky part is usually educating the customer on the importance of monitoring,” explains Kevin. “The value to my customers is not just the feature set of Watchman Monitoring, but being able to let my customers know I’m there looking out for them.”

“Some customers call the Apple store at the first sign of trouble, and others just choose to live with an issue. In situations like this, Watchman Monitoring presents a golden opportunity due to its ability to alert me directly, often before the customer even knows about it. Now I call them and capture that support revenue before they even knew something was wrong. I am watching out for their data and productivity. AppleCare is great, but it does not cover this kind of thing.”

“Not only is my job easier with Watchman Monitoring, but it also makes me look more professional when they call and I can immediately pull up their computer details: warranty status, serial number, vital specs: it’s all there. Tools like Watchman Monitoring and Monkey Box are a cornerstone to efficiency and better service for my customers.”

“All this has led to my ability to start breaking free of the break/fix routine. Watchman Monitoring helped me create my own Proactive Support Agreement. While I’m just getting started, my support agreements are quickly becoming a new profit center.”

If you have a business in the Portland Metro Area and require top-notch, professional service for your Apple equipment, give Kevin Ginger at kGinger Consulting a call at (503) 771-7015 or visit him on the web at

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