Watchman Monitoring’s Linux agent has been deprecated.

Existing agents may still report, and new installations may succeed if the required Python2 is installed, however development of the linux agent has ended, and support for linux based agents is no longer available.


  • New command line tooling options via “run-client”
    • Plugins can be enabled using –enable/–disable
    • Plugins can be enumerated via –list-plugins
  • Improved logging for surfacing information for better troubleshooting.


  • Uses a dedicated key in each plugin to control its enablement. This replaces a “PluginsDisabled” array.
    • Backwards compatibility is provided via support for disabling any plugin added to this array; however, the array will be emptied on each agent’s run.


  • Administrative permissions are no longer needed to submit logs for review
  • Cleanup of outdated code and functions


  • Automatic deploy release on Wednesday, 11 May 2021, visit your Installers Page to initiate early release.
  • The auto-update process will apply to computers as they perform their hourly check in.
  • Not receiving updates across your install base? How to handle out-of-date agents.
  • These are known issues.


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