• Updated Malware definitions.
  • Streamlined build process (additional support for custom plugins)
  • Automated reporting of AppleCare-provided client certificate expiration.
  • Apple Authorized Service Providers will see the status of all Watchman Monitoring accounts they are processing.
  • Support for Bluesky 2.2/OpenSource version


  • Retrospect Client for Mac beta reaches general availability.
  • Carbon Copy Cloner (CCC) 5 reaches beta 3.


  • FileVault Reporting.
  • Reduces errors when SoftRAID needs more than a minute to return its status.
  • No longer ignores some settings updates sent via defaults write.

Known Issues

New betas of our Carbon Copy Cloner and Retrospect Client for Mac are available. All subscribers who have requested access will the beta automatically deployed to computers in their account(s). You can request to join either beta here.

This is made possible by the internal build improvements we have completed. The changes make it easier for subscribers to build, deploy and even share custom plugins with other subscribers.

Our new Mac agent version format change also streamlines the build & deploy process. Keep an eye on our Community Forum for news of incremental changes, and we will keep emailing major release notes.

This release also incorporates a lot of work our GSX integration, making it easier for an Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) to provide warranty lookup service to any other Watchman Monitoring subscriber. If you work with a provider, you can consider setting up a business arrangement to get automated lookups going on your account. If they aren’t a subscriber, that’s Ok, they can still provide the service.  Perhaps you’ll get a referral bonus if they sign up after learning what we offer!


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