• New Root capacity reporting tool
  • Notification of macOS 12 Monterey download.
  • New diagnostics file gathering tool


  • Improvements in gathering of FileWave version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue which would cause --disable --plugin to not work properly

This release brings the parity between what Apple’s Finder says, and what our system reports. Historically, we’ve reported what’s happening on-disk, while the Finder reports what free space could become available as needed.

The change may have been technically accurate but was at the cost of increased friction between our reports and what users of monitored computers experienced. Given that there was nothing to be done about the “hard drive being too full”, we’ve adjusted our reporting to match. Thank you all for your patience in this matter.

Another addition to this release is a tool which lets our subscriber easily gather needed logs when requesting support from Watchman Monitoring. As of agent 6.8.1, no more right-clicking a folder, compressing, and looking for a .zip somewhere. You can gather logs by opening the Terminal and running a command, or script the log gathering via any number of remote tools. Learn more in this support article:


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