Watchman Monitoring is proud to announce the latest version of its agent for macOS, 7.0.2  This version includes all the highlights from version 7.0.1 and delivers a root capacity plugin rewrite in preparation for better handling of purgeable space alerting. Updates to the Python framework, and fixes to Time Machine reporting.


  • Better handling for Mac Roman encoded files
  • Root capacity plugin rewrite


  • Stop alerting on Crashplan demographics changes
  • Improved gathering of last logged-in user.
  • Updates to the Watchman Monitoring provided Python Framework

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Time Machine on OS 10.13 reporting
  • Fixes to Time Machine reporting going stale during uptime check
  • Fixes an issue when reading Backblaze xml files with special characters in drive name
  • Fix Carbon Copy Cloner version 5 stale results


Highlights from 7.0.1

CrashPlan Client

  • Add additional error handling in CrashPlan Client
  • Prevent alerts when destinations are removed

P5 Plugins

  • Convert P5 Plugins to python3
  • P5 Treat lack of valid license as informational
  • P5 Info IndexError: list index out of range

FileVault Status

  • Fix FileVault Status on Mac OS X 10.11 thru 10.13

FileMaker Server

  • Let the FileMaker Server plugin run standalone
  • Server plugin conversion to Python3
  • Prevent failures when there is no backup status
  • Handle a missing Filemaker Server password

Laptop Battery

  • Fix missing battery serial numbers


  • Update plugin for Python3
  • Prevent inoperable Splashtop links for RMM installs


Please note: Installers created before March 8, 2022, contain python scripts, and will need to be replaced. Read more about old installer versions.

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