Watchman Monitoring is proud to announce the latest version of its agent for macOS, 7.0.4.

This release introduces a rewritten Munki plugin.  This new version now correctly retrieves the Munki configuration when using a configuration profile.

Also, the root capacity plugin now takes purgeable space into account when calculating the alert threshold.  This update aligns more closely with the “Apple Way” of reporting free space on the root drive.

We also fixed a bug that would cause the Backblaze plugin to stop reporting on Apple silicon-based computers.


  • Munki plugin rebuilt to use built-in configuration reporting (Munki version 5+)


  • Take purgeable space into account with root capacity alerting
  • Better tracking for failed batteries

Bug Fixes

  • Corrects reporting of Backblaze on Apple silicon computers



Please note: Installers created before March 8, 2022, contain python scripts, and will need to be replaced. Read more about old installer versions.

Carbon Copy Cloner Beta Plugin

We are pleased to announce that our Carbon Copy Cloner plugin now supports version 6!   With this update, reporting on group tasks can be found on the dashboard.  The plugin required a complete rewrite in order to achieve this.  With this new plugin, we are dropping support of Carbon Copy Cloner 4 and older. Our updated plugin will only work with Carbon Copy Cloner 5 and up.

If you are interested in beta testing our new CCC Beta Plugin, please open a ticket by sending an email to

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