Watchman Monitoring is proud to announce its agent 7.0.5 for macOS.

This release includes a Preference Pane with improved dark mode compatibility, allows setup of FileMaker Server monitoring, and fixes an error viewed in the Dashboard related to invalid data being reported to the server.


  • Additional Malware Reporting


  • Daylite sync status warnings changed to informational
  • Improved reporting of Munki data based on active installs
  • Improved FileMaker Server Reporting based on active installation

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes dark mode display of the Watchman Monitoring Preference Pane
  • Fixes an error in the Munki plugin which could result in a 500 error when viewing the Computer Record.



Please note: Installers created before March 8, 2022, contain python scripts, and need to be replaced. Read more here: old installer versions.

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