Watchman Monitoring is happy to announce release of agent for macOS.

This release includes support for CrashPlan 11, improvements in reporting processor and RAM information for computers with Apple silicon processors, along with additional Backblaze fixes and features.


  • Adds support for CrashPlan Client 11.
  • Backblaze plugin now reports full disk access status, remaining and total backup stats.
  • Adds a PreferencePane option to adjust days before the Backblaze warns of errors.
  • Adds support for newer versions of ConnectWise Control agent installs.


  • Improves reporting Apple Silicon RAM and Processor names.
  • CrashPlan subscription expirations now report as Current, unless they are failing
  • No longer reports virtual RAM modules when the agent is running in VM.


  • Fixes an issue where a verified disk may prevent the reporting of a disk with a failing SMART status.
  • Corrects an issue which could report outdated Carbon Copy Cloner information.
  • Additional fixes for the Backblaze plugin

About the Update Process

Deprecated Plugins

  • Gruntwork
    With the announcement of end-of-life support for Gruntwork, the related plugins (named “Maintenance”) are no longer being distributed, and will be removed from dashboard prior to the August 1st deadline.
  • Kandji
    The third-party plugin which reports some Kandji-related information is no longer available for distribution, and is no longer included.

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