Watchman Monitoring is happy to announce release of agent for macOS.

This release includes support for Daylite version 2022 and greater, improvements in reporting Time Machine status, along with additional Carbon Copy Cloner fixes. This release also includes macOS update reporting to reflect Apple RSR versioning from Mac agent Watchman Monitoring has been tested with macOS 14 Sonoma.


  • Adds support for Daylite v2022 and greater


  • Improves reporting of Time Machine status


  • Fixes false Carbon Copy Cloner not finding successful task warning
  • Fixes an issue where a warning would be sent prior to the warning threshold

About the Update Process

Deprecated Plugins

  • Gruntwork
    With the announcement of end-of-life support for Gruntwork, the related plugins (named “Maintenance”) are no longer being distributed, and will be removed from dashboard prior to the August 1st deadline.
  • Kandji
    The third-party plugin which reports some Kandji-related information is no longer available for distribution, and is no longer included.

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