Managed Accounts are perfect for your customers with in-house IT.

Our support policy draws the line between ensuring our reporting is accurate, and providing guidance to solve a problem. Why? We can’t possibly tell how important an issue is to you or your organization. Instead, we rely on our network of value added Providers to create Managed Accounts for their customers.

Watchman Monitoring subscribers can create Managed Accounts for any client of their, regardless of size. Managed Accounts under 250 computers have a fixed cost, and are targeted to subscribers who have 25-250 computers for a single customer, and want more control than can be had in “Groups” in their main accounts.

Managed Accounts which have more than 250 computers are sold to subscribers with enough margin to cover their effort in billing for, and providing tier 1 support for any issues relating to Watchman Monitoring itself.

Subscribers can learn more in your Accounts Page.

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