Trevor Mead-Robins, president of MEADIAsolutions, has worked hard for the past fifteen years to earn the trust and respect of his individual and enterprise customers, cementing himself and his small staff as the go-to Specialists for Apple products in northwestern Canada. Keeping track of his many customers’ annual check-up dates became a cumbersome manual process that involved cross-referencing spreadsheets and checklists. With enterprise clients running dozens of computers, the manual process made it difficult to remember what work had already been done, what tools might be necessary, and how many machines the customer was running.

When Trevor noticed how supportive Watchman Monitoring was to the Apple Specialist Community, he signed up for a trial. As soon as MEADIAsolutions installed Watchman Monitoring, Trevor saw the exciting possibilities.

The first scans using Watchman Monitoring revealed immediate revenue opportunities for MEADIAsolutions. On the first day, they were able to preemptively repair a customer’s failing point-of-sale system and find failing drives on MEADIAsolutions’s own systems. Later, MEADIAsolutions was able to determine that two computers belonging to an enterprise consumer were missing—one had been destroyed and the other was stolen. All of these insights were tremendously helpful to MEADIAsolutions and its customers. MEADIAsolutions leverages Watchman Monitoring for their individual customers as well as their enterprise customers, ensuring every computer they support is running the software. And if their enterprise clients have an internal IT group, MEADIAsolutions makes sure the IT group is trained to use Watchman Monitoring.

Using Watchman Monitoring, MEADIAsolutions is even able to catch issues missed by Apple’s own diagnostics suite. This “almost omnipotent power” to detect issues, as Trevor calls it, has empowered the staff of MEADIAsolutions to catch even more issues for customers, who have been equally thrilled with the service MEADIAsolutions is providing. Watchman Monitoring has done more than improve MEADIAsolutions’s efficiency in tracking consumer check-up dates and computers. By installing Watchman Monitoring’s software on every computer they support, they are able to improve remote calls — like malware removal, hard drive tests, and hardware checks — which saves time on their on-site calls. MEADIAsolutions is also beta-testing Watchman Monitoring’s Windows support, which allows them to work with enterprise customers who have both Macs and PCs deployed internally. Trevor has been “pleasantly surprised” by the level of support already available for Windows, and is eager to see the Windows support grow.

“Watchman Monitoring is the most productive product I’ve come across in my fifteen years of being an Apple Specialist,” said Trevor, going on to call it a “cornerstone of the business.” Watchman Monitoring has propelled Trevor’s business to profitability and high customer satisfaction ratings, and changed MEADIAsolutions’s ability to serve customers in the Yukon and greater northwestern Canada.

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