An Apple consultant for over ten years, Mike Strum of OIC TechSolutions in South Florida first heard about Watchman Monitoring from another Apple Consultants Network (ACN) member. A short while later, he signed up and installed the agent on several of his customers’ computers. He immediately began getting reports of issues: backups not working, computers with low disk space, a failing hard drive, etc.

He knew right away that this was going to change the way he did business. Within weeks, his support became highly pro-active and Watchman Monitoring had already paid for itself in billable hours. No longer would he have to spend valuable time taking meticulous notes on each computer: serial number, memory installed, hard drive, etc, because Watchman Monitoring could provide all of that info and more via its secure web interface.

Mike recalled a recent example of a customer who called to complain that their Mac was running slow. While the customer was on the phone, he brought up the computer’s details on the Watchman Monitoring Dashboard with a few clicks. He noticed that the computer had a minimum amount of RAM and it hadn’t been rebooted in about 2 months. He recommended the customer reboot the machine and scheduled a RAM install (knowing exactly which RAM to order from the info Watchman Monitoring provided). Within minutes, the issue was resolved, and he came away looking like a superstar.

“This is the kind of product,” Mike says, “that really ties my customers to me and builds customer loyalty.” Often, he’s notified of issues before the customer even knows anything is wrong and can reach out to them first. This level of customer service virtually guarantees he’ll be doing the repair work instead of the Apple store or even a competitor. Being able to spot problems before they become emergencies is a valuable service to his clients and his business. Mike is able to proactively schedule repair work in at a more stress-free pace instead of having to go from one emergency repair to another.

If you’re in need of top-notch onsite Apple support in the South Florida area, give Mike Strum at OIC TechSolutions a call at (954) 270-7813 or visit him on the web at

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