The IT industry has long used Managed Services to describe the practice of providing customers total computer care, usually for a fixed per-month cost. Watchman Monitoring is a great fit for Managed Service Providers who are responsible for Mac and Linux computers. Our agent locates problems on monitored computers as soon as they start, allowing the MSP to spend less time looking for errors, and incur less cost by fixing issues early.

Providing Managed Services can be a successful model for larger companies, but are often considered too large a challenge to be tackled by a one- or two-person shop. Watchman Monitoring breaks down the barrier by offering a fixed-cost, easy to use Software as a Service. Watchman Monitoring can enable any sized consultancy as they begin to offer Proactive Support Services to their end-users.

Proactive Support lets you focus on being on-hand to resolve problems as they happen, without burden of managing every aspect of the computing experience. Watchman Monitoring allows you to empower your end users while keeping you in the loop when real problems arise. Watchman Monitoring means you won’t find out too-late that an end-user’s hard drive was failing AND the backup hasn’t worked for months.

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