Watchman Monitoring + RepairShopr

Watchman Monitoring integrates with RepairShopr for Ticket and Asset Tracking.

RepairShopr offers features which allow computer shops to streamline their repair process, and layers on a full set of professional service automation features that let IT consultants take care of customers of all sizes.

It’s these additions such as recurring billing, service level agreement (SLA), retainer billing, online payment, and their nimble development cycle which has us so excited to be able to offer this integration to our subscribers.

RepairShopr is a complete business management software solution for MSPs and IT Consultants. The system offers a customizable, all-in-one solution focused on automating and streamlining your workflow, so you can focus on the task at hand: servicing your clients and growing your business.

Watchman Monitoring’s Proactive Support Platform helps you keep up to date with the computers you care for, and our cross-platform Contact Menu can streamline your support offering across the  board. The RepairShopr integration unifies your tools and allows you to get more done in fewer steps.

Integration features:

  • Maps Watchman Monitoring Groups to RepairShopr Customers.
  • Feeds error reports into RepairShopr for one-click Ticket creation.
  • Computers in Watchman Monitoring map to Assets in RepairShopr.
  • Assets are continuously updated with machine names, serial numbers, etc.
  • Quickly view RepairShopr tickets from your Watchman Monitoring Dashboard.


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