The latest Synology beta adds SMART and Volume reporting, along with several bug fixes.


  • SMART Plugin – reporting only, no alerting
    • SMART information based on Synology Report
    • Drive information
  • Volume Plugin – reporting only, no alerting
    • Status and information regarding Volumes


  • Moved settings file to Synology recommended location.

Bug Fixes

  • Date / Time Zone Reporting Corrected
  • Model ID Reporting

Known Issues

  • High Availability Clusters
    • Currently only reporting the active server information
  • SMART and Volumes plugins use Synology’s terminology for some items, (eg, CTN Disk Type).
  • Packages are currently unsigned. In the DSM, you will need to click “Yes” to continue during installation.

How to get this update

Download the latest version from

Install new .spk Beta 2 over your current installation following these directions.

Please continue to follow our Guidelines:

Coming in future beta releases (in no particular order)

  • Auto update
  • Disk Alerting
  • SMART Alerting
  • Improved display of terminology and information in Dashboard
  • High Availability Reporting


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