When I first heard about Watchman Monitoring, I was skeptical. After about 6 months of round and round, and finally figuring out what Watchman Monitoring could do for me, I’ll never go back.

We thought we had some level of proactive support for our machines; little did we know how much more Watchman Monitoring was able to provide. Now we know within hours if a backup didn’t happen, if a hard drive is presenting errors, if a UPS is failing, or any of many other “insider knowledge” types of things that happen behind the user & gui. All those Windows errors you hear about on the TV commercials, where they’ll fix & speed up your computer in minutes for $99.95? They happen on your Mac as well, and most of the time your Mac handles them well, but it’s really nice knowing you can reach out to a customer to tell them you are truly looking out for them.

It has dramatically increased our monthly break-fix billing, provided peace of mind for our Managed clients, and given is ability to provide true pro-active support. I’ll be a subscriber for life, and you should too!

Will O'Neal
Mid-Atlantic Computer Solutions
Alexandria, VA

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