From a new subscriber in the Netherlands:

A few months ago we started using Watchman Monitoring and it’s awesome! Helping our customers has never been easier. This week, a client had a Mac Mini server with a failing hard drive and  Time Machine backups were running late, so this was the recipe for disaster. Thanks to Watchman Monitoring we were able to get this information immediately. I rescheduled my next day and went on site and fixed the problem. The customer understood I just saved them a ton of time and money, and they were very relieved and happy I solved it before they even noticed anything.

We also have a lot of residential customers who love this. Thanks to Watchman Monitoring, we’re constantly e-mailing them when their backups are running late. When they install Malware, I send them an email with removal instructions. Often times this is an opportunity for the customer to ask me another question and we can write billable time. Watchman Monitoring really makes pro-active support super easy and gives us opportunities to contact our clients in quiet times.

Remie Cremers
Amersfoort, Netherlands

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