Watchman Monitoring was built to meet the needs of consultants who do not necessarily “manage” the computers for which they are responsible. Here are the highlights as they related to using Watchman Monitoring in house.

Issue Detection Made Easy

Helpful features for consultants are helpful for any IT Administrator:

  • Are backups working?
  • Is the hardware failing?
  • Have users installed malware?

Watchman Monitoring is set apart by what it does not do. Our agent does not try to fix any issue, in fact, it’s read-only. In addition, Watchman Monitoring has no built-in screen-sharing either.


The Contact Menu

Watchman Monitoring goes beyond early detection with our Contact Menu. The menu is fully customizable, brand-able, and runs on both macOS and Windows.

Use of the Contact Menu benefits everyone in your organization. Make it easy for people to access common websites or applications such as your HR sites or Self Service. Ease your support to users by having a simple answer such as: “Click on our company logo near your clock, and it’s the third item.”

The Contact Menu also allows the entry of items for specific Groups: a share-point, on-line time clock, web sites the department needs, and more. The sky is the limit: any URL or application and its all centrally managed. Far easier than managing bookmarks in—which browser did they prefer again?

Respect User Privacy

Many subscribers deploy our agent in places where they could not otherwise put a full management agent due to its read-only nature. IT administrators in schools and universities find they can deploy the agent on teacher and professor computers which might otherwise encounter pushback. And, deployment where regulations prevent the IT staff from being able to view a computer.

Risk Free Trial

Watchman Monitoring is built by Mac Admins for Mac Admins, with the goal of making you look good while you prevent down time and data loss.  Start a free trial today!


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