Justin Esgar started Virtua Computers in 2008, after a five year stint as an IT professional. Seeing a tremendous opportunity in supporting Apple users, he dove in head-first, snapped up a MacBook Air the day they came out, and got to work.

Being no stranger to the needs of Apple users and adept at supporting them, once Justin learned about Watchman Monitoring, he immediately knew he had to try it. Being a software developer himself, Justin said, “It blew my mind that something like this hadn’t been invented yet, it was truly innovative.”

Eager to use it in the field, Justin installed Watchman Monitoring on the Macs at one of his client’s offices and immediately got a notification that Time Machine was not functioning on one of the computers. He corrected the problem and the backup started working again.

“About 48 hours later, that very same computer suffered a hard drive failure, causing it to lose all of its data. Because Watchman Monitoring alerted me that their backup wasn’t working a few days ago, I was able to resolve that issue, and a tragedy was averted. You could be onsite with your clients everyday and still miss something that Watchman Monitoring will pick up on. For the backup monitoring alone, it’s worth the price.”

For those who resell Watchman Monitoring to their end users, “Ask your customers ‘How much is your data worth?’ and do the math,” Justin advises. With data recovery easily costing thousands of dollars, the $20 per month per computer to ensure they never lose data is an easy decision. “If they have to pay $5,000 to recover the data from a single computer, they could have paid to monitor that computer for over 20 years.”

“If you’re feeling altruistic, just give the monitoring service away to your clients. You’ll make up the money on the first service call it alerts you to.” Justin suggests. Virtua Computers also has a maintenance plan which includes unlimited free remote support and system monitoring on a 24/7 basis for $100 per month per computer. Additionally, the inclusion of Watchman Monitoring in their offering has allowed Virtua Computers to go from break/fix work to a more proactive model. “Being proactive in our support has really enabled us to shine and sets us apart from our competition. It really makes us look good to our clients.”

If you’re in need of Mac support in the New York City area, Virtua Computers has what it takes to keep you up and running with peace of mind and prompt service. Give Justin Esgar and his staff a call at 347-369-GURU (4878).

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