Watchman Monitoring has been acquired by SyncroMSP.

It’s a big decision with big changes, here are some highlights for you:

  • Watchman Monitoring is being maintained by a much larger team.
  • The power of Watchman Monitoring is being brought to Syncro’s Mac and Windows agents.
    • Syncro’s Windows agent is part of a well established RMM.
    • Syncro’s Mac agent was well underway, and we’re at the helm of its upcoming general release.

We are going to bring the power of Watchman Monitoring into Syncro – and it already has many of the things you have been asking for

  • Application inventory?
  • More options for integrated screen sharing?
  • Remote scripting options?
  • Server-side adjustments of warning thresholds?

Watchman Monitoring was not designed with this tooling in mind, but that didn’t change our subscriber base from wanting them.

Look for more news from Syncro in the coming months, we’re looking forward to complete the integration of our existing alerting to their product. In the meantime, we’ll keep bringing more goodness to Watchman Monitoring as well. Look for releases for our agents, as well as a recap of the work we’ve done in our Dashboard in the near future.


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About Watchman Monitoring

Watchman Monitoring provides proactive alerts and monitoring to actively detect hundreds of cross-platform issues which helps IT professionals avoid downtime, increase recurring revenue, manage the flow of support tickets, and provide peace-of-mind to their customers.

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