• Avast Business now reports correctly through the Avast plugin
  • Enabling and Disabling plugins is now handled through RunClient.exe tool


  • Redirected Volumes and Root Drive information to “Physical Disks,” a new plugin.
  • Reworked conditions to clarify “Informational” status reporting to a more accurate “All Clear” status reporting.
  • Revised Windows version reporting to reflect Microsoft’s updated naming convention for Windows 10 versions newer than version 2004.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with RDP that could cause a traceback when trying to get the last log in time
  • Fixed ReportingFQDN not being updated accurately in the Contact Menu when using Liquid variables. Please verify you are matching ReportingFQDN exactly.

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  • Automatic deploy release on Wednesday, 21 April 2021, visit your Installers Page to initiate early release.
  • The auto-update process will apply to computers as they perform their hourly check in.
  • Not receiving updates across your install base? How to handle out-of-date agents.
  • These are known issues.

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