Beta 58 of the Watchman Monitoring Windows agent proposes to be the last before graduation from beta. We’re quite excited, of course!

Here’s an overview of key fixes and features, the full list is below:

  • Reports WMI corruption. (Learn More in our support site)
  • Adds support for Windows Backup
  • Plugins that use WMI check for connectivity prior to running
  • Fixes a bug where some antivirus/firewall products were not being identified
  • Firewall and Antivirus plugins now display multiple products better
  • Better logging when an unknown antivirus product is encountered
  • Support for reporting TeamViewer 11
  • Fixes issues causing the Control Panel to fail

With Mass-deployment options, Remote Remove, Custom Branding, and more; we are happy to be nearing the end of our Windows agent’s Beta status. With this release we bring stability to a number of internal issues, and introduce daily WMI scans to detect issues which can cause widespread application instability.

Mac Admins looking for a way to get a jump-start on knowing the health those few windows computers should subscribe now and get started.

Are you a died in the wool Windows admin? We challenge you to put the agent through its paces, oh, and our deploying our Mac agent on that handful of Macs you end up having to support is certainly a way to get up to speed in a hurry. Start today.




  • Fixes an issue where licensed computers would show a licensing problem
  • Fixes an issue where the contact menu would create too much network traffic
  • Fixes an issue regarding auto-update files


  • Fixes an issue where the OS plugin not running would cause a failure to report
  • Fixes an issue with the SMART plugin showing a “phantom” drive which was failing
  • Fixes null data being added in the Battery, RAM, and CPU plugins
  • Fixes an issue where the local account would show instead of the domain
  • Fixes a bug where the control panel would not load properly
  • Fixes a bug where the volumes settings in the control panel would not take apply
  • Fixes a bug that would cause Mozy not to be found
  • Better error handling when issues occur getting drive information in the Volumes plugin
  • Fixes an issue with the monitored drives list being null
  • Many plugins now use the V3 reporting system
  • Adds a WMI plugin
  • Adds WMI connection testing to plugins which use WMI
  • Adds more complete up-to-date and enabled information from virus scanning engines
  • Adds better checking for the firewall being installed but disabled on Vista+
  • Adds support to detect when drives do not have sense failing enabled
  • Adds protection against duplicate attributes from multiple plugins causing an error
  • The Antivirus plugin now better displays information from more than one system
  • The Updater now has the same requirements as the main engine
  • The Windows Update plugin now breaks the updates up into critical, optional, and skipped
  • The SMART plugin now uses the mount point as the main reference name if the model is not reported
  • The SMART plugin now reports information under the label of the drive it pertains to
  • Better support for Teamviewer 10
  • RAM and Volume plugins now report sizes in a more uniform format
  • Mozy plugin now shows encryption status


  • Adds two new in depth WMI repository verification checks
  • Adds support for once-daily (or every 24 hours), in depth checks
  • RAM plugin is now 64bit and can detect larger amounts of memory
  • Reports disk space in a more readable format
  • Fixes registry trigger keys on older machines
  • Fixes a bug where the log wouldn’t trim to the correct size
  • Fixes a bug where the multiple reports file wouldn’t write
  • Much improved plugin exit handling for server 2008/12
  • Plugins that use WMI now check the WMI status for their specific class before running and report that correctly
  • Fixes user plugin for 2003
  • Update plugin now gracefully exits on 2003
  • Fixes log searching errors on 2003
  • Fixes volume plugin issues on 2003
  • Fixes OS plugin errors on 2003
  • Adds better handling for systems with no firewall on windows 2003
  • Fixes CPU errors on 2003
  • Better support for machines without Windows Backup
  • Updated taskscheduler libraries
  • Flash plugin now shows no flash detected rather than hiding the plugin
  • Firewall plugin now handles unexpected firewall crashes
  • Adds improvements to Window Update severity
  • Adds additional plugin logging
  • Fixes a bug where the extended run would run too frequently


  • Fixes a windows backup traceback
  • Adds Utilities folder to store WMI Diagnostics


  • Adds back TeamViewer 11 support
  • Adds error logging to traceback of windows update plugin


  • General reporting cleanup


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