• Major updates to the Windows Update plugin
    • More accurate counts
    • Now displays Drivers separately
    • Now, by default, waits one day to alert on updates (configurable)
    • Accounts for all possible update types
  • WMI plugin reworked to only alert on core WMI classes
    • Reduces overall number of warning notices
    • Includes common errors as metadata, preventing the need to run wmidiag


  • MAC addresses are now formatted with :’s
  • Adobe version numbers are now formatted with a . instead of a ,
  • User account lockout status is now a boolean.
  • Some names now capitalize the first letter for appearance’s sake.
  • Firewall informational notices have better formatting.

Bug Fixes

  • Control panel can no longer be opened twice by the same user
  • Fixes an issue with some names being sent with the wrong datatype


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