windowsThis release is primary focused around fixing issues leading up to 1.0. Remote removal has been fully overhauled to work reliably on 32bit and 64bit machines from XP to Windows 10. Each install now contains an Uninstall.exe which can be called manually or through our Remote Remove feature. Version 61b should also prevent WMI issues that don’t affect system performance from triggering warnings, as well as a variety of other smaller issues.


  • Remote remove is fully overhauled and should now work in all situations
  • Adds AssetID storage in the registry
  • Expands volume detection algorithm to detect more volumes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue where remote removed computers would rapidly check for a status
  • Fixes an issue where the WMI plugin would send information without a title
  • WMI plugin now accurately states the state of the plugin after extended runs


  • Control panel lock can no longer be overridden
  • WMI plugin now tests more accurately
  • Now gets information about driver attributes


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