Current Feature Set

The following is an overview of what the beta Windows Agent can do. We expect to continue active development and will provide additional details as they become available. We look forward to your feedback.

Brand-able Contact Menu

Provides a brand-able, customizable task-tray icon to stay in the forefront of your users mind.

Brand-able Control Panel

Easily change settings without going into the registry with our brand-able control panel application.


Checks if AntiVirus is installed, running/enabled, up-to-date, and any error states.


Checks the battery condition for degradation or other malfunctions and also reports the following demographic information: battery type (i.e. Lithium Ion), name & description (as provided by the battery), voltage, lifetime (in minutes), charging status, recharge time, installation date.


Checks to ensure Backblaze is backing up, and is not expired or frozen.  Reports information on license type, backup users, locations, and last backup time.


Though mostly informational, the CPU plugin will report errors in the rare cases where Windows is able to sense a CPU failure. The following demographic information about the CPU is provided: speed, number of cores, pipeline size (i.e. 32/64-bit), chip family, and manufacturer.


Checks to ensure Crashplan is backing up, and is not expired.  Reports information on license type, backup users, locations, and last backup time.


Checks for issues with replication, SMART, device failure, and other bit level errors.


Checks if a firewall is installed, running, up-to-date (if applicable), and issuing any errors.


Checks the installed Flash version and alerts if its out of date.

License State

Checks both the activation and licensing status of the machine. It reports an issue if the license is expired, invalid, or has other issues, and sends information on the current license status, key, and time remaining on trial (if applicable)

Local IP Address

Reports the main, and, optionally, secondary network adapter IP address information.


Checks to ensure backups are occurring and that the license has not expired.  Reports last backup time, license expiration date/status, and encryption status.


Reports a variety of settings and information about the OS such as: version, build number, service pack, product type (i.e. Workstation, Domain Controller, etc), Windows serial number, primary boot device (and warns if that changes), DEP support (32/64-bit), install date, last boot time, user licenses (servers only), and installation directory.  The OS plugin also reports on system crash’s that have occurred and keeps track of total crash counts.


Checks that OneDrive has recently synced.


Sends an alert if PrivDog is on the system


Displays the following information about the currently installed RAM: amount in each slot, speed (in Mhz), type (i.e. DDR, DDR2), manufacturer, and install date.


Sends an alert if Superfish is on the system

Serial Number

Informational plugin with retrieves most manufacturer serial numbers and attaches them to the report.


If TeamViewer is installed, this plugin will report the ID, version, license type, and unattended status.


Reports any connected volumes (installed and networked), and provides the following information: drive letter, kind (attached, removable, network), partition type (FAT, NTFS, etc), capacity, and free space. We’ll also check for:

–  SMART status of attached drives
–  Full drives
–  Bad blocks
–  Imminent drive failure
–  Page file errors
–  Filesystem corruption


The VM plugin will detect if the operating system is running in Parallels, VMware, or VirtualBox, or Hyper-V.


Lists usernames and domain, and will alert if an account is locked out or password expiring soon.

Windows Backup

Reports the status of Windows Backup, if enabled.

Windows Update

Alerts if updates are available but not installed or ignored.  Reports the number of available updates and if they’re security related.


Checks for issues with WMI database integrity.

Problem Reports

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