• Added setting that allows OneDrive plugin to send alerts on files/folders with characters that might prevent syncing.
  • Added setting to allow the Windows Update plugin to skip reporting on Windows Autoupdater (useful when updates are handled by a 3rd party app).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with One Drive sometimes reporting overloading report when too many OneDrive accounts existed.
  • Fixed issue that caused Users plugin to report on too many users despite setting.
  • Fixed issue where Volumes plugin was reporting 0 for the size.
  • Fixed issue where CrashPlan was reporting the wrong name for stale backups.
  • Fixed CrashPlan was reporting the stale backup time.


  • Changed how antivirus plugins reports alerts.
  • Removed summary messages in Monitoring Client plugin for the status of the Auto-updater when the Auto-update setting is disabled.
  • Removed duplicate metadata item in OS plugin
  • Updated reporting of Windows 10 version and release numbers.


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