• Separated Remote Assistance and RDP connections reporting in the RDP plugin.
  • Improved hard drive health reporting.


  • Updated verbiage of the Windows Update plugin summary to more clearly describe the plugin state at-a-glance
  • Added missing “days since last scan” to BitDefender Business
  • Added a “5 most recent reports” limit to Macrium Reflect to optimize plugin display view
  • Added additional help messaging when running “RunClient –plugins” from Command Line


  • Fixed overlapping text during install on low-resolution systems
  • Fixed Avast for Business issue failing to report Malware status correctly on Server OS
  • Fixed issue of Microsoft Surface products incorrectly reporting presence of Virtualization
  • Fixed issue of Windows updates 21H1 reporting incorrect release ID


Over the years we have maintained support for computers running older operating systems, as many mission-critical servers could not be updated like the desktops and laptops users typically run.

Support for old operating systems has hindered us in some ways, and we’re ready to move forward. Additionally, the industry is moving away from TLS versions which those older systems require, greatly reducing the return from supporting those older computers.

Upcoming changes in our hosting will no longer offer TLS 1.0 or 1.1. At that time, computers running Windows Vista, XP, Server2003, and Server2008 will no longer be able to report. We will post more about that change in a coming release note, but in the meantime, plans should be made to remove our agent from devices running those older operating systems.



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