• CrashPlan Client reports the organization type, in addition to the name.


  • Unifies Contact Menu default look
  • Installers now better detect prior versions of Watchman Monitoring
  • Registry polling no longer logs many overly verbose messages
  • Plugins now catch high level, common tracebacks (ie, out of memory), and report them appropriately
  • The Contact Menu logs in the temp directory if its log directly is not writeable
  • Many plugins have cleaner, improved logging to the plugin.log
  • Small UI fixes in the contact menu in regards to placement

Bug Fixes

  • Some CrashPlan configurations that were not being detected are now included in monitoring
  • Fixes a layout bug with some Contact Menu configurations
  • Many small contact menu fixes for common crashes (including the CM running before the computer has checked in)
  • Fixes an issue with some machines rekeying themselves


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