• Changed behavior of Specified Applications and Specified Services plugins to have consistent alerts for missing “Critical” items
  • Changed behavior for Veeam plugin to allow it to read custom-named backups

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed issue preventing automatic Microsoft .Net 4 installation on systems missing this requirement
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to install the client after a previous uninstall could in some circumstances result in an error blocking installation
  • Fixed an issue where requesting a remote uninstall while a run was occurring could result in the service becoming stuck
  • Fixed an issue with Bitlocker sending false alerts on our log files
  • Fixed Control Panel not updating the settings for Specified Application settings correctly

About the update process:

  • Installers will be built throughout the day on Dec 1, 2020. The auto-update process will begin Dec 1st and apply to computers as they perform their hourly check in.
  • Not receiving updates? How to handle out-of-date agents.
  • An updated list of known issues.

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