Enhancements to your Watchman Monitoring Server Dashboard are meant to give subscribers a more complete at-a-glance status report and a more powerful set of tools to provide better proactive care.Ā 

These updates are independent of our Monitoring Client release notes.Ā 


  • Spend less time updating tickets with our bi-directional Zendesk ticket flow integration update. Also available for Autotask and ConnectWise.Ā 

“I am so happy the ‘wm_status_all_clear’ tag exist for Zendesk! I am able to prioritize views and automatically Solve tickets that fix themselves (CrashPlan, Backblaze, Malware, Time Machine).. Nice work WM team!” – KGinger Consulting

  • Private Computer Notes are now yellow and both Private or Public notes can be made visible to Employee and/or End Users accounts especially useful when denoting computer-level suggestions. Need a refresher on User Permissions?
  • More efficient Windows Monitoring ClientĀ terminal/command-line options when using deployment scripts – try Reboot Notifications or Disable Plugin (Windows Update).
  • Learn how you can now use Apple Remote Desktop to deploy the Monitoring Client.Ā 
  • A new Download button for Mac scripted install gives users the option to download a .sh shell script containing the installation script, which can be customized to include the specified groupname.Ā For Linux and Mac, a Clear button has been added to allow the groupname field to be reset.

‘Stale Plugin’ Features Ā 

  • Stale plugins will no longer show up on warning lists and their plugin-result status icons are color-coded yellow, regardless of the last status.Ā Ā 
  • We’ve added a Plugin StatusĀ (‘All Clear’, ‘Stale’, etc.) search criteria especially useful when creating filter queries for custom Computer lists and CSV exports.Ā 


  • The Custom Branding process was made faster when inserting the subscriber’s branding and logos on the ā€˜Monitoring Clientā€™ software, dashboard, and PDF reports.Ā 
  • Dark mode refinements for appropriate readability and functionality including texts difficult to read, saved card dropdown visibility, incorrectly colored text on Computer duplicates page, and header bars for the collapsible plugin metadata sections.


  • Main sidebar colors and elements now match new theme styling.Ā 
  • The floating navigational element was given appropriate clearance to allow the computer table to drop below as intended.Ā 
  • Fixed inline radio buttons, Stick headers, and improved multi-select boxes styling regardless of screen width.Ā 
  • More responsive multi-Tab pages by converting all Tabs to a dropdown-style menu.Ā 


  • Password and Referrals tabs in your Settings are available again.Ā 
  • Adjusted for Mac recycling back their serial numbers this year by using the Apple model to correct the estimated manufacture date.Ā 
  • Ability to preview Contact Menu preview section in greater detail.
  • Adds same :active visual state for the left/right modal buttons when activated with the left/right keyboard strokes.
  • DueDate reflects the companyā€™s time zone.Ā 
  • Adjusted functionality of enrollment edit buttons.
  • Highlights of radio buttons when using keyboard navigation to clearly show that they have been selected.Ā 

Helpful Links

  • We announced a Dark theme among other Dashboard Updates last December.Ā 
  • Community Spotlight – Use SpokaneMacā€™s custom plugin to check if any of your monitored MacBook Pros qualify for Appleā€™s recent Battery Recall.

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