The Watchman Monitoring Warranty Updater tool leverages your existing GSX access to provide AppleCare status updates for monitored computers.


Install the Warranty Updater on one computer to process AppleCare tracking for your subscription.


  • Sold-To: An existing GSX Sold-To number. We cannot grant you GSX Access.
  • AppleID: The Warranty Updater requires an AppleID which has been granted GSX’s “Can Access Web Services” permission.
  • The signed SSL Certificate bundle, which you received from AppleCare.
    • The certificate request process is documented here)
  • Private Key: The keyfile from which your .csr was generated. If the key was created with a password, it will also be required.
  • Whitelisted IP: The tool must be installed on a computer which access GSX from an IP which AppleCare has white-listed.
  • A single online computer: The Warranty Updater will poll your account hourly, and update all AppleCare status as needed.
  • Watchman Monitoring API key: access to one or more Watchman Monitoring subscriptions.

The Warranty Updater tool uses few CPU cycles and can be run alongside any other service. A computer running AST would be a fine place to install the Warranty

One Time Setup Instructions

  • Visit the GSX Integrations tab of your dashboard at
  • Enable the option to Automatically Create AppleCare Expirations
  • Download the Warranty Updater Tool’s installation package.
  • Install the Warranty on the target computer.
  • Launch the Warranty from the /Applications.
  • Enter an administrator’s password.
  • Test GSX Access by clicking the GSXAPI link.
    • A response in your web browser asking for authentication is a sign your IP is whitelisted.
  • Click the + icon at the bottom to enter your setup information.
    • Subdomain: The first part of the URL at which you access Watchman Monitoring.
    • API Key: Paste in an API key from this subdomain.
    • Sold To: Enter your Sold to’s GSX account number, add leading zeros (0) to ensure 10 digits.
    • Apple ID: Enter an Apple ID which has been granted Can Access Web Services.
      • To prevent errors, ensure the Apple ID is used to log into within each 30 day period.
    • Certificate Chain File: Select complete certificate file which you received from Apple. This file’s name will include the word ‘chain’, and will be the following format:
    • Private Key: This is the Private Key you created during the certificate creation process.
      • If you followed Apple’s instructions, this file is likely named privatekey.pem and has a related password. Enter the password in the box below the key.
      • If you followed our instructions, this file will be named gsx-production.key and will not have a password. Your key file may be named different.

After entering these settings, click OK to save your company setup.

Viewing the AppleCare Expiration Records

  • AppleCare Expirations are displayed on their respective Computer Record.
  • Expirations can be viewed, searched and sorted at
  • Expiration details are included in emails about the related computers.
  • Additional serial numbers can be tracked manually by adding them to their related Group

Notes and FAQs 

  • No restart is required.
  • The Warranty Updater’s UI can be quit at any time, processing will run hourly in the background.
  • We recommend installing the Watchman Monitoring agent on the computer as well.
    • We’ve built a custom plugin to notify you of any issues with the update process.


  • Is the Warranty Updater Tool up to date?
    • Use Check For updates in the Warranty Updater Menu – An update was posted on May 10, 2017, please update.
  • Is the computer running the Warranty Updater accessing GSX from a whitelisted IP address?
    • Using a web browser on the Warranty Updater Computer, attempt to visit
    • If you do not get a green lock in the browser bar, indicating a connection, the IP address is probably not whitelisted
    • Use on that computer to see its egress IP address.
    • Send that IP to AppleCare for whitelisting.
  • Are there errors in the logs?
    • In the Warranty Updater Tool’s Window Menu, choose View Logs
    • Sending the contents of the resulting folder to Watchman Monitoring support will help us resolve any issues.
    • Logs can be sent via our Support Center or uploaded via our Notes form.


  • The Warranty Updater tool can be removed at any time, no restart is required. Paste this command into
    • sudo /Library/Application\ Support/Warranty\ Updater/ -F
  • You will be prompted to confirm deletion of the GSX Certificate which was copied into the settings area.



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